County Clerk Speaks to Genealogical Society

Recently Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore spoke to the members of the Chautauqua County Genealogical Society at the Barker Library in Fredonia. Barmore wanted to tell those who are doing genealogical research the kinds of records which are available through his office. Barmore said that his job there is to help people, and this he wants to do. Barmore said that records such as civil records, criminal court records, property records, mortgage records, military discharge records, if they are on file, and such records are available to help in genealogical research. Barmore said that there are 12,000 cases of records, and his staff will help people get on the computer there to do research. Barmore said, “we have lots of maps, since over the last two hundred years, township boundaries were changed and towns were formed.” It pays to know the historical area that you are doing research, said Barmore. Some census records are kept there as well. Barmore said that he began doing family genealogical research about 1987, and spent 3 months recording the Barmore names and addresses from all over the nation looking through telephone books. Now, he said, with the age of the computer, he can do this work and print it in an hour. Barmore said that his family came to the Villenova area to settle in 1823. A fine talk was enjoyed by all.

Ruth Nichols, who serves as president of the genealogical society opened the business meeting with a welcome, and led all through the meeting agenda. Mrs. Nichols also serves as the Town of Arkwright historian. Vice president Walter Sedlmayer recorded the minutes of the meeting in the absence of secretary Gail Dash, and treasurer Deborah Kotar gave the financial report. Membership chairman Wayne Leamer reported on the new members. The next meeting of the genealogical society will be held on Tuesday August 19th in the Steele Room of the Barker Library promptly at 6:30 p.m. New members are always welcome.


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