Lois & Norwood Barris Receive Elial T. Foote Local History Award

The award was presented to Lois at the Fredonia Opera House Saturday, September 29. The award is the Elial T. Foote Local History Award, which was presented for the first time during the County Bicentennial. It is sponsored by the office of the County Historian, and the Chautauqua County Historical Society. The Chautauqua County Historical Society held a program on the history of natural gas, lecture by Dr. Gary Lash. A reception followed the lecture. And then the attendees were treated to a tour of the refurbished Opera House.

Michelle Henry said, “We felt that a local history award was needed in this county to recognize individuals who have made great contributions in promoting and preserving our county history. We decided to name the award after Elial Todd Foote because of his commitment to preserving and disseminating local history. Last year the first Elial Todd Foote Local History Award was presented to Dr. Doug Shepard.”

“This is not intended to be an annual award, but we felt that the Barris’ outstanding work on behalf of the genealogical society should be recognized.”

The award will read “Given for outstanding contributions in research, preservation, and dissemination of Chautauqua Countyís History.”


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