Mrs. Crandall of Fredonia compiled nine scrapbooks, now located in the Garland Room of the Barker Museum. Genealogical information was extracted and arranged alphabetically with a key to scrapbook volume and page. An index of collateral surnames is includ

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In the early part of the twentieth century, Rose Crandall of Fredonia clipped hundreds of newspaper notices from The Fredonia Censor, The Grape Belt, The Evening Observer and other newspapers and compiled them into ten scrapbooks (another scrapbook was found just as this was going to print). Each book is labelled by Roman Numerals I to IX and simply Rose Crandall\’s Scrapbook (noted as volume 10), and the pages are noted for each, thus enabling the researcher to find the entry quickly. Genealogical information of local interest has been extracted and is arranged alphabetically by last name with a collateral index of the other surnames listed. Pertinent information included in each entry is: name, event (b, d, m, o), date of event and volume/page number of the original clipping. This is followed by an abstract of pertinent information contained in the notice. Of particular interest to researchers, the place of residence of the listed persons is often included………….

This work is intended to be a research guide, and therefore the data printed in the newspaper has not been edited. It is up to the researcher to verify the information through other sources. Several obituaries contain the names of the bearers and of the clergy. Both have been omitted except when the named are believed to be relatives. Several lines of interesting reading that does not pertain to the pertinent information being sought has also been omitted. With the volume and page references, however, one can easily find the article and complete the picture. Some information was unclear to the compiler and is therefore contained in []. Other information was hand-written into the margins and was used when printed information was missing. Several words are abbreviated and some of these follow. In most cases, the two-letter postal abbreviation was used for states…………

Most entries are from northern Chautauqua County with an occasional entry from other western New York locations and from Pennsylvania. The researcher should assume that place names are in New York State unless otherwise noted. There were several interesting entries, including the obituary of Edsel Ford, noted clergymen and others which were intentionally omitted if a connection to the Chautauqua County area could not be shown…………

The primary content of these books is obituaries, with several anniversaries, wedding announcements, an occasional birth and other entries of interest to the compiler included. A book may be divided into two or more sections, each beginning with page 1. Therefore, check the book carefully to find the subsequent part(s). Book VIII section 1 contains 33 pages of probates; all genealogical information has been extracted from them. Section 2 begins again with page 1 and contains marriage and wedding anniversaries. Finally, book VIII has an envelope in the back with loose clippings, these are denoted as \”BOB\”……………

These scrapbooks are in the collection of the Garland Genealogy Room at the Barker Museum in Fredonia. The museum staff may be able to supply a copy of the original newspaper notice and may have additional information about the individual or family from other sources in the museum\’s collection. Anyone wishing may contact the D.R. Barker Museum, 7 Day Street, Fredonia, NY 14063……………

Valerie Veley Griffing,
July 1994………..

Frequently Used Abbreviations……..

ab about, info information,
ae age, JP Justice of the Peace,
atty attorney, m married,
BOB Back of Book (8), m/mo month/s,
bap baptizeld M/M Mr & Mrs,
bday birthday, nc niece,
b born, nph nephew,
bro brother, pts parents,
ch child/ren, RW vet Revolutionary War veteran,
CW vet Civil War veteran, srvc service,
csn cousin, sibs siblings,
d died/death, str sister,
DA District Attorney, SA war Spanish American War,
DOD date of death, stn station,
bur buried, T/ Town of,
dau daughter, tsp township,
est estate, tw twin,
fr from, univ university,
g great/grand, unk unknown,
govt government, V/ Village of,
gch grandchild/children, wd widow,
gdau granddaughter, wf wife,
ggch great grandchildren, w/o wife of,
gpts grandparents w/wks week/s,
gsn grandson, wd/o widow of,
hwy highway, WWI/II vet World War I or II veteran,
hsb husband, y/yrs year/s,
incl include/s/ing,