Cemetery was read by CCGS members in 1993 An alphabetical list of tombstone inscriptions with information from burial records. Also included is a map and a numerical list by section, lot and grave number.

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This record is intended for use by genealogists. Cemetery records are treasures of family information. We are fortunate to have the cooperation of Walter Waligora, the Sexton and Association Secretary of the Forestville Cemetery , who allowed us to transcribe their earliest preserved records. The transcription has been completed by Norwood Barris. From these original records Norwood gleaned the information concerning lot ownership and the genealogically pertinent facts in the column headed \”additional information (mostly from burial records).\”……..

On Saturday, August 21, 1993, the following members of Chautauqua County Genealogical Society copied every tombstone in this cemetery: Donna M. Mills, Walter Sedlmayer, Richard Sheil, Maureen Stafford, Valerie Veley-Griffing, Virginia & Paul Barden, and Norwood & Lois Barris. The compiled notes and information from this Saturday project appear in the column headed, \”Data on Stone.\”………

We also owe a debt to E. Mae Christy who copied 69 stones in this cemetery sometime in the 1920\’s. Most of the stones she read are still standing and could be checked (and some corrections made), but a few have since disappeared. Because of her work, a record exists of those missing stones. Such records appear in the \”name\” column and noted (EMC)……….

In order to get all the information into our one-line format, it was in many cases necessary to use abbreviations. The researcher should check the page of abbreviations to help decipher the data in this record……..

Part One is an alphabetically sorted list by name of persons known (from records or tombstone) to be buried in Forestville Cemetery .This list includes the tombstone transcriptions and information from burial records……..

Part Two is sorted by section and lot number. This list includes the name or \”aaa\” (signifying no burial as of August 1993). It does not repeat the tombstone data but does include the name of the lot owner (where shown in the transcribed records) along with the \”additional information.\”………..