This is an every name index to the two volume set.

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Compiled by Donna M. Mills

“The delivery to subscribers of the Centennial History of Chautauqua County was begun on Friday, says the Jamestown Post. The work is in two large volumes of 696 and 1,178 pages respectively. They are handsomely bound in olive green backram, with feather backs and corners and gilt tops. Both volumes are embellished with many illustrations including several steel engravings of distinguished citizens and other portraits.

This history is the outgrowth of the centennial celebration at Westfield in June 1902, for which numerous historical papers were prepared which are here preserved in permanent form. It is published by the Chautauqua History Company, composed of the late S. Frederick Nixon, Charles J. Schults, Benjamin S. Dean and Frederick P. Hall. The editorial work has been largely performed by Mr .Shults, who has had general supervision of the whole work of publication.

The first volume has heretofore been reviewed at length in this paper. It consists largely of Hon. Obed Edson\’s detailed history of the county and also includes an account of the Westfield centennial with a list of exhibits, the civil and political history of the county by Benjamin S. Dean, and financial development of the county by Charles M. Dow, besides other articles prepared for the centennial.

The second volume has for a frontpiece a fine portrait of Governor Reuben E. Fenton, and the first article is Judge Jerome B. Fisher\’s interesting sketch of that distinguished man. Among other features of this volume are Phin M. Miller\’s interesting history of the schools of the county, Louis McKinstry\’s account of the press with many additions, a sketch of the Chautauqua Institute by Frederick W. Hyde, an account of the Chautauqua County bar by the late Henry C. Kingsbury and James L. Weeks, one of the medical profession by Dr. William M. Bemus and Dr. Thomas D. Strong and several other articles of general interest.

Then follow the town and city histories, each one written by a prominent citizen and fully illustrated, with sketches of many leading men. Jamestown\’s history is that prepared by Vernelle A. Hatch some years ago with additions. These town and city histories make up the bulk of the second volume, which also includes an excellent new map of the county. The new history will make a valuable addition to the library of any Chautauquan present or former.\”

The Centennial History of Chautauqua County New York is a two volume edition, printed in 1904. See following pages for names of chapters. The first volume is 698 pages; while the second volume is 1173 pages.

This is an every-name index. Although names of persons not living or closely connected to families living in Chautauqua county have been omitted in the interest of space and cost. Names such as presidents; governors; and other such people are not included in this index.

The researcher should ALWAYS read the pages before and after the page on which the persons name appears or at the very least several paragraphs preceding and following the appearance of the name.

Photographs of persons are marked with an asterisk (*) following the name in the index.

Copies of this edition are available at the following places:

Barker Library Museum 9 Day Street Fredonia, NY 14063
Reed Library (Special Collections) SUNY College Fredonia, NY 14063
Fenton Historical Society, 67 Washington St, Jamestown, NY 14701
Most other Chautauqua County collections have these volumes and it is also available through LDS Branch Libraries from FHC Salt Lake City on microfilm or microfiche.