This little cemetery just across the border of Pennsylvania from the Town of Ripley, read by the Society in 1994, rechecked, compiled and edited by Virginia W. Barden. Includes burial & Bible records, and other family information.

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Inscriptions copied 1994 by Chautauqua County (New York) Genealogical Society

Phillips Cemetery is located on U S Route 20, in Erie County, Pennsylvania, about one half-mile from the New York State boundary. Although it is an old cemetery, it is still used for an occasional burial. Time has not been kind to this cemetery, but a group of interested and dedicated descendants and neighbors are now having considerable success in making this an attractive and historical resting place.

The northwest quadrant of the cemetery is devoted to the graves of residents of Saint Barnabas House, an Episcopal shelter for homeless men, a nearby institution no longer used for that purpose.

The Section numbers were assigned to facilitate copying; the lot numbers are thosed used by the Association on their map.

Abbreviations used here:
b born
d died
m mother
f father
mar married
s/o son of
dau/o daughter of
w/o wife of
AE at the age of
y years
m months
da days

After reading and copying the inscriptions on the markers in the cemetery, we compared our findings with the records of the morticians in North East. It is those records that commonly provide the names of the parents of the deceased. Sometimes the place of birth and death may be given in those records, and when those data appear, we added them to the material already found. The second part of this book lists burials in Phillips Cemetery as recorded in the morticians\’ files, but for which there seem to be no markers in the cemetery. By using a separate section, we hope to emphasize that although these are indeed documented burials, there is no sign in the cemetery to indicate a resting place.