This is an alphabetical list of tombstone inscriptions. Each listing includes a section identification to use with the included map. Also a list (from an old ledger) of 748 early 1900 burials giving date and cause of death.

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This index to the Westfield Cemetery is part of an on-going project of the Chautauqua Genealogical Society to create indexes for all Chautauqua County cemeteries. It is hoped that these indexes will be invaluable tools of research for all genealogists and historians having an interest in Western New York.
Data includes gravestone inscriptions through the summer of 1992. These inscriptions were read and recorded by several members of the Society. The recordings were transcribed, and typeset for publication by Richard F. Sheil.
The \”section \” designations are arbitrary assignments for the various areas as pictured on the accompanying map of the cemetery and have no connection with official records of the Cemetery Association. We have included these to help the researcher narrow his search for a particular gravestone.


� = age y = year/s m = month/s d = day/s
dau. = daughter b. = born d. = died

Where only the first two numbers of a year were given, the letters \”ne\” have been
added to denote \”not engraved\”, i.e., 19ne.

Through the courtesy of Mrs. Jane Newton of Westfield, the Society has been permitted to include a list of names of Westfield Cemetery burials between the years 1904-1918. This list was taken from a record book, presumably kept by some member/s of the Cemetery Association. In some cases the cause of death is listed, and in most cases the lot number where the person was buried is given. Upon reading the list of causes, it is immediately obvious that the person making the records was not well versed in spelling of medical terms, in fact, many causes of death rather defy interpretation. Misspellings are given as they appear in the record.
The records were transcribed and typeset by Mrs. Virginia W. Barden.


ng = not given P-F = Potter\’s Field xx = cannot read inscription